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The key to any successful business is ADVERTISING.  Advertising increases your name recognition and can convey a powerful message to potential customers, which in turn increases sales.

The key to successful advertising is REPETITION.  The more customers see your name, the greater awareness you build for your company.

So don't wait for the customers to come to you . . . Go to them.


Imagine your ad seen and read every minute of the business day by potential customers.

Why Advertise on Placemats?
  • Placemats - a proven method of advertising that has a readership rate of over 85%.
  • An effective and successful way of getting your message out about your product or service.
  • Will give you constant advertising exposure for THREE MONTHS right inside the restaurant/ diner of your choice and your advertisement will be read by many potential customers during that advertising period.
  • Over 60% of advertisers will renew their ad with Placemat Advertising.
  • This is a very inexpensive way to advertise.  So don’t miss this great opportunity to become an advertiser.
  • Imagine your ad seen and read every minute of the business day by potential customers for 3 months.

We Are NOW Accepting Advertisements For The
Next Issue Coming Out in August 2022

Placemats will be in the restaurants approximately
August 15, 2022 and will run for ninety days.

Over one million potential customers will see your three-color advertisement. *


Getting Started

Getting started is easy.  All we need from you is your rough copy of what you would like to say in your ad and your choice of
group(s) you would like to have your ad in.  You can either email or fax your ad copy to us and we will take care of everything else regarding production of your ad at no additional charge.  A proof (a copy of what your ad will look like when printed) will be supplied to you for your signed approval.  Your ad must be approved by you before publication.  A 50% deposit of your payment for your ad is required with your order. Deposit is nonrefundable if you cancel your ad.

To advertise or to have questions answered, please call (410) 997-2433.

*Based upon a business advertising in every group listed on rate sheet.

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